When I receive invitations to participate in field expeditions as a photographer, I am so exciting, I can´t hide my joy to discover and highlight the wonders of our natural world, especially if it´s about Colombia. It doesn´t matter if it´s a hidden place or the nearby path of my place of residence, there will always be a new story to tell and unique moments to enjoy, share, study, photograph and, above all, learn and value.


It was great news for me to receive the invitation of Fernando Trujillo (Omacha) and Saulo Usma (WWF Colombia) to participate in an expedition to the “Bita River”, the first protected river in Colombia. The Bita river (tributary of the Orinoco river) crosses the state of Vichada from west to east and it has listed as one of the healthiest and most biodiverse of Colombian tributaries. I had heard and read some things about this magical river, but in the field I was able to know firsthand the great work that has been done there to consolidate a participatory and integral management territory strategy, about its ecological, socio-cultural and economic aspects.


It was a great expedition with a multidisciplinary team of wonderful people with high professional quality: researchers from the Omacha Foundation, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and Humboldt Institute, university professors from different areas, local guides and inhabitants of the territory. I had the opportunity to share unforgettable experiences in a magical region with highly conserved ecosystems of morichales and gallery forests that mix an ancient landscape of rocky outcrops of the Guiana shield.


These are some of the stories told through an amazing journey down the river of life



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