I was born in Ibague (Tolima, Colombia) in 1979. However I lived in Curalito, a little town near to Ibague characterized for its natural resources. Because of the context, a passion for the nature conservation woke up in me. Thus, when I was 12 years old I made my first bird's observations about feeding behaviors, encouraged by my father as my teacher, who headed me in the compression of the biological world and nature sensitivity during my childhood.


At the age of 18 years I decided study biology. Three years later, I realized not only observation and data collection in the field is enough to withstand ethology studies in academia, so I used photography to understand the nature.  After many failed attempts (using an old secondhand SLR camera Minolta SR-T 101), I made a decision of study photography by myself and capture any manifestation of life in order to transmit my feelings as a biologist with the art of photography.


I had limited financial resources for my passion as a photographer. Even though, I overcome this condition by myself and the support of my family and closest people. This allowed me to improve my photographic training simultaneously with my education as a biologist researcher in matters like molecular biology of parasites, zoology, biodiversity, and conservation biology.  Indeed the merger of biology and photography marks my lifestyle as a biologist but photographer at heart.

Now, I have a personal point of view about the role of science in society; I understand nature from an artistic perspective with strong technical and scientific comprehension. This allows me think photography not only as an esthetic and natural vision, but also as an indispensable tool in the popular science. All of this, in order to form aware and responsible communities about how their decisions can have adverse effects not only in environment, but societies and cultures around their territories. In this way, my work lead me show the use of diversity in the best way possible, and how it should be a state policy in Colombia and other megadiverse countries, not just as an economic but social alternative. This leads to believe photography and conservation biology will be my way of expression to create a sense of belonging in people about the value of biodiversity.


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